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How to pass the driving test in Malta?

Many of us wonder how to successfully pass a driving test. Of course, we can take such a test only after completing an appropriate number of hours of driving lessons with a professional driving instructor. During the lessons we will learn about the traffic regulations, and also we will have practical classes, preparing us for the practical driving test.

Theory test Malta

Current regulations on driving tests require future road users to have a good knowledge of the highway code. In addition, the tests include questions about the construction of the car and the elements of its necessary equipment. In the pool of questions we will also find those concerning first aid or dimensions of certain vehicle components. Unfortunately, the questions are assigned at random and we never have a guarantee whether we will find the easiest or the more difficult ones.

In order to pass the driving test in Malta, we should, first of all, be very good at solving the sequence of moving vehicles at intersections. The number of possible combinations is enormous, and still does not reflect the complexity of all the situations that can occur on the road. Nevertheless, mastering the ability to quickly assess the priority is extremely important and will allow you not only to successfully pass the driving test, but also to move safely on the road. And that is what it is all about.

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Practical driving test Malta

The driving test examiners are well acquainted with the network of streets in Malta and know which intersections or road sections may be more difficult for the candidates. Without a thorough knowledge of the area, it may happen that you will miss a sign or a line, and the effect is easy to predict. Such an exam will not be passed. Therefore, when choosing a driving lessons Malta, you should carefully consider which driving school is the best choice.

Driving in Malta

During your practical driving test in Malta, you need to remember not only the rules of the road. We have to watch out for many things. Among other things, we have to look through the rear window when reversing or driving in the city.

When driving in Malta, we must remember to be decisive. Yes, we must listen to the examiner’s instructions, but we must keep in mind that his goal is to test our caution and our ability to adapt to the prevailing road conditions. That’s why we have to pay close attention to the signs and follow the examiner’s instructions not immediately after receiving them, but as soon as possible.

Choosing a good driving school Malta

It might seem like it doesn’t really matter which driving school you go to. In theory, all driving courses in Malta must be taught according to the same guidelines. However, it turns out that not every driving school in Malta prepares you equally well for the driving test and for your future driving experience. It is also worth noting that some learners express an interest in special services provided by the driving school. This is, for example, about accelerating the course. It’s also important to note that there are a lot of people who are not interested in this type of service. Driving schools in Malta charge extra for express driving courses because it is expensive for them to accelerate their courses.