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Excess of duties and challenges of everyday life cause that we rarely think about old age. Maybe subconsciously we don’t want to think about it, because most often we associate it with pain, suffering, the end of everything, the end of life… So it’s not a long-awaited stage in a person’s life, neither for them nor for their closest family. The problem is that it is an unavoidable phase for every man, which sooner or later will reach our loved ones, and eventually also ourselves.

But does old age have to be a torment? Does old age have to be sad and painful? Here at this point, it is worth considering what old age is. Old people are usually associated with people who are infirm, sickly, and sometimes, unfortunately, even unnecessary. Let us think about it. Nowadays in Europe, including the UK, we have to deal with an ageing society, which results not only from the predominance of elderly people in comparison with young people but also from the increase in the length of human life. These changes result in a relatively rapid increase in the number of elderly people in society.

Although aging is a completely natural process, it is important to keep in mind that for each person this process can be quite different. An aging person has to cope with numerous limitations in all spheres of life, from the physical and social to the mental sphere. Old age is primarily about intellectual and physical changes in an elderly person, which are sometimes abrupt, but also those that occur gradually as the years of life go by.

 As long as these changes are small and gradual, the elderly person can become accustomed to them and develop the habit of coping with daily difficulties. Sometimes a little support from loved ones becomes enough. However, there are situations when an elderly person performs basic activities with difficulty and is unable to cope with a number of challenges posed by everyday life. This usually happens when various diseases appear, which, as we know, are identified with old age and most often coexist with it. Typical diseases of old age include disorders of the nervous system, locomotor system, vision and hearing disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, nutritional disorders, and diseases of the digestive system.

home care southampton

Lack of help from family or those around them only exacerbates the already difficult situation of the person in need, increasing helplessness, fear and loneliness. Many elderly people begin to see themselves as a burden on the family. This is especially true when the family cannot always afford to adequately care for the elderly person in their own home. This is when many families decide to place an ill, needy person in a nursing home. And while the decision to move to a nursing home is usually painful, it is also often wrong. Especially with previously independent and active individuals, nursing home placement contributes to the deterioration of the senior’s health and spirit. A change of residence in old age causes several problems and unnecessary stress due to the need to leave the current place of residence. There’s a reason they say you can’t replant old trees. The risk of losing contact with friends, acquaintances from the neighbourhood and one’s belongings additionally increases fear and anxiety, which in consequence may lead to depression and complete loss of contact with the elderly person. During old age, it is extremely difficult to adapt to new and different living conditions.

But is it necessary? How to cope with this difficult moment in life?

People who have encountered old age in their family or close environment have noticed that home care for the elderly is not easy. One of the reasons for this is the lack of sufficient expertise in this area and lack of support for people who provide such care on a daily basis. Old age generates a number of challenges that have to be dealt with by the elderly and their families. There is no denying that even family members providing such care deserve a moment of rest and relaxation so that they can bear the burden they have to carry. Sometimes it’s a good idea to enlist the help of professionals, like Neva Care Services because without proper training in senior care, we won’t be able to provide our loved ones with the level of care they certainly deserve. So if you are looking for home care Southampton, Neva care services would be a good choice.